US President Joe Biden & hope for a new global dimension

Published : Tuesday, 26 January, 2021 at 12:00 AM

The flag-bearer of democracy, United States of America (USA), has welcomed its 46th President Joe Biden on January 20. Biden is running on the legacy of the eight years he served alongside President Barack Obama as US Vice-President and has proposed advancing that legacy on key issues like health care and the climate crisis. Prior to his time as Vice President, Biden represented Delaware in the US Senate for 36 years, making him one of the most politically experienced President of America. But his wisdom and experience will be definitely challenged as protecting and restoring the US supremacy while promoting a global approach will remain the priority.

President Joe Biden has termed his victory in the US Presidential election as the victory of the American people and expressed his commitment to make USA united, strengthened and healed. He has addressed both the economic and moral character of the country while restoring respect for the country. Joe
Biden not only received support from the US citizens but also from millions around the globe. It was mostly due to the authoritarian and eccentric leadership of his predecessor former US President Donald Trump. Hence, the expectation from Joe Biden is really different and strong.

The greatest challenge Biden will face is to contain and control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the US. Due to negligence of the Trump administration towards COVID-19 and the Presidential election, the pandemic is in full control in the US. The current state of the U.S. Covid-19 epidemic is not good. The country hasn’t really suffered the impact of more contagious variants of the virus yet, but they could fuel yet another rise in cases.

The Biden administration has plans to try to suppress spread. Biden’s plan to address the pandemic includes offering free testing to all Americans. It calls for hiring 100,000 people to form a national contact-tracing as well as increasing drive-thru testing site. Biden’s plan includes steps designed to help businesses and schools reopen, including financial support for retaining and rehiring workers, building a best-practices clearinghouse for schools and guaranteeing paid leave for anyone with coronavirus or who is caring for someone with the virus.Biden also urged the Americans to maintain COVID-19 protocols like; wearing masks at least for a while. The US has already invented vaccine and the mass vaccination program is in the queue, which might improve the scenario in the US. Biden’s commitment to contain COVID-19 will be challenged but might bear great news for the Americans.

US had been one of the global leaders for centuries and global commitment is required to sustain that role. Unlike Trump, the global people have expectations from Biden even in the combat against COVID-19. Millions of people are hoping for a COVID-19 vaccine without patent, which will only serve the interests of humanity not that of any group, business or country. Biden can take a step to share the formula of the COVID-19 vaccines produced by the American companies so that all countries can produce vaccines for their citizens soon to eliminate COVID-19. It will really bring honour for US as America’s steps towards saving humanity will be adored globally and many other first vaccine producing countries will step up.

During the Trump administration, the minorities and the immigrants of the US faced a hard time. In his first day in office, President Biden took important steps by issuing a handful of executive actions to address some of the worst aspects of Trump’s policies, including ending the Muslim ban, defunding the border wall, and preserving DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).But President Biden must not only address the harms created by the Trump administration. He should ensure that immigrant communities are stronger and safer than they were four years ago.
By sending an ambitious immigration reform bill to Congress on his first day in office, President Biden has sent a strong signal that he recognizes the important role that undocumented persons play in American society, and the need to provide them permanent legal status and a path to U.S. citizenship. While such lasting change will require congressional action, President Biden can and should do more to protect immigrants in the meantime.

The immigrants including Muslim immigrants had contributed a lot behind the achievement of US supremacy and the future of these people must be ensured. Moreover, US should continue creating opportunities for immigrants from countries like; Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Cuba, different African countries which will improve US’s position in front of the world.

Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord – The agreement, which, committed the US to cut greenhouse gases up to 28% by 2025, based on 2005 levels. Biden has called climate change an existential threat, and says he will rally the rest of the world to act more quickly on curbing emissions by rejoining the Accord. Ignoring the climate will only bring in nature’s rage. This current COVID-19 pandemic is such an example. Hence, not only the USA but also all other high carbon emitting countries should commit to reduce emissions significantly as well as to invest in green technologies. It is a global concern and Biden should lead this mission.

The supremacy of USA was challenged in the recent times due to several factors including poor relationship with the allies, ineffective trade policies, inability to resolve national and international conflicts etc. Hopefully Biden will address all these issues. He must work to put the USA on better trade positions while protecting the economy. Globalization and creation of new opportunities along with achieving technological edge should be a priority to tackle the dominance of competitors like China. He needs to improve the relation with the allies of USA and also NATO to bring the country on a strong base.

We also hope that, Biden-led USA will work proactively in solving conflicts around the world and will also play an effective role at the UN. Rather than initiating and participating in wars, US should be seen on a more solicitor roles. Issues of Middle Eastern countries like; Syria, Yemen, Iran, Palestine should receive the lights of his wisdom.

One good thing about the Trump administration was no new war initiated by US. Hopefully, the Biden administration will also move on the same track and contribute in restoring global peace especially with this critically pandemic-hit global economy. Moreover, refugee crisis throughout the world like; Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, Syrian and Yemeni refugees etc. should be proactively addressed by the Biden administration in the recent future.

During the Trump-administration, the focus was capital oriented. But till now, it seems the Biden administration will focus on the people as their commitment to increase minimum wage as well as improving the lives of the middle class. Abraham Lincoln set up a people-oriented government many decades ago, from which USA shifted especially during the last four years. But hopefully Biden will bring that nature back keeping the welfare of all people as priority.

USA is considered to be the leader of the world till today, especially leader of the democratic nations. But several factors created questions over their leadership. Though the economy of US itself will remain a concern for the Biden administration right now, they must think out of the box to get positively involved in the global matters. Until and unless, they take a global approach, their honour and supremacy cannot be protected.

To regain honour and position, US must work for the good of the global population. The new President has already expressed some commitments and along with many other countries, we, from Bangladesh also, will expect and opt for his wise, experienced and charismatic leadership for a better world.
The writer is Chief Editor at Mohammadi News Agency
(MNA), Editor at Kishore Bangla and Vice-Chairman, Democracy
Research Centre (DRC)

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